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Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is...

Journeying together with a spiritual director. It is open for all who have experienced the divine in their
life and want to respond by commiting themselves to pursuing their inward journey toward fullness
of relationship with God and a deeper relationship with themselves.

Spiritual Direction is...

A practice of many centuries where a spiritual companion or director offers support, insight and
challenge to those individuals who value and are attentive to their inner life. A spiritual companion or
director is one who walks alongside a person on their spiritual journey. The focal point of these
meetings can often include prayer and a discussion about your relationship with God.

Spiritual Direction Can Be...

Especially helpful and important to those who aresensing a need for change in their life or vocation.

Spiritual Direction

can be helpful when someone is...

    ~ questioning or angry with God
    ~ trying to find their vocational path
    ~ dealing with religious doubts or struggles
    ~ looking for meaningful ways to pray and meditate
    ~ searching for God during a life crisis
    ~ longing for a deeper relationship with God
    ~ trying to integrate spiritual, professional, emotional, physical and mental aspects of life