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Welcome to Centered Life Ministry - Online

homepageCentered Life serves individuals, couples, children and families, as well as congregations, judicatories, schools and corporations. Each year our clinical staff provide clients with more than $100,000 in subsidized fee adjustments

Counseling Services

Centered Life seeks to help people grow toward greater health and wholeness. In counseling, clients are encouraged to utilize the strengths inherent in their personal faith, together with psychological insights, in their growth & healing process. Our focus in counseling is upon helping persons understand and act responsibly with regard to their issues, behavior and circumstances, rather than upon making judgments or giving prescriptions for life. It is also our focus to help persons find & use their strength & spirituality to aid them on their journey.

Counseling is normally conducted in weekly, 50 minute sessions. Counseling can last from several sessions to extended periods of time, depending upon the complexity of problems.

A strict code of confidentiality is observed, as information obtained in counseling sessions is never shared with third parties without a client’s permission, unless required by law.


We consult with clergy, churches, church groups, staffs and businesses. Areas of focus include: career assessment and discernment, conflict resolution, staff development, team building, process group facilitation, crisis intervention, congregational transitions and system analysis in applying Bowenian Family Systems Theory for congregational leaders, stress management, annual review of past year’s goals and setting goals for next year, board development and training, mutual ministry review or evaluation, improving communication between individuals and groups, problem solving and management, self-assessment prior to a pastoral search, start-up work with new pastor and board, group discernment in decision making, promoting healing when there is trauma and grief, and training programs (such as “Fair fights in church” and dialogical culture and behavioral covenants.) We offer individual and small group consultation for clergy seeking support and education. Centered Life is approved for Veteran’s Benefits through the State Approving Agency.

Spiritual Direction

We provide spiritual direction as a way for individuals and groups to deepen their walk with God, to help people across transitions and to help people integrate their faith in their daily lives.


We provide workshops on topics such as addictions, anxiety disorders, bereavement, blended family, care giving training for laity, co-dependency, creativity, family systems, inner child, and spirituality. Preaching, retreats and workshops can be arranged upon request.